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Beyond Pixels & Code

Join a brand new web learning center for design students and digital entrepreneurs that reveals key insights and clarity that you can use to put powerful meaning to your work and design decisions. Begin your journey here to reinvent your projects or career.


What's Inside

How to Create An Awesome Website Without Using a High Priced Creative Advertising Agency

If you are a small business owner or digital entrepreneur, then this robust and uncommon design course is the one that your local ad agency does not want you to see. If you are a freelance designer or developer who has never been exposed to these concepts, then this course will give you a new…

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Money & Metrics: The Numbers And Mindsets Needed to Succeed As A Digital Entrepreneur

In this course, I will introduce some valuable insights about money, and how those insights affect your pricing and conversion goals. Like it or not, these projects will require cashflow and revenue goals and it’s better to know what you need to produce before you start, rather than get crushed later.

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Membership Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Building Your First Membership Website

Membership sites aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, they are expanding at an unprecedented rate because people are willing to pay for information that they find useful, and to communicate with other people who share their passions. In these lessons you will learn models for generating revenue; and how to set up and…

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Automated Email Sales System: Increase Engagement Using Autoresponder Campaigns

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Who is this NOT for?

  • Those who insist on hiring cheap, offshore developers and just being "hands-off".
  • Those who won't take time to learn and apply the content.
  • Those who insist on "winging it" and believe that their days should be spent "putting out fires" or that every feature is a "quick add".
  • Those that hire "in-house" interns that work for pizza, red bulls, fake equity, AND bring their own laptops and software.
  • And it is definitely NOT for those that only take action when their maintenance or marketing activities have reached a crisis.

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to design, build, and launch a website or digital marketing campaign in less time, and with less stress.
  • Those who are tired of wasting time or money on digital marketing that brings them little to no ROI, or unimpressive results.
  • Those who want to learn how to START building effective websites and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Those who want to grow a list of prospects, lifetime customers, and advocates of their online brand.
  • Those just starting out with a web design and are not sure what steps to take.
  • Those that want to learn how to approach projects like a professional or agency would but without the high fees, jargon, or costs.
  • Those who would appreciate access to insights, processes, checklists, and resources that will give them an ROI on their time.

Nathan Bray

Founder / UX / Design

Hi, my name is Nathan Bray. I know that it often seems both difficult and time consuming to make progress with a freelance career or web project. If you are open to learning more, I'd like to share with you many of the key insights I've discovered from my own experience that can provide a significant boost of positive results.

Since you are here, these are 3 ways that I can help you:

1. Watch the free training videos on user experience, planning, and strategic web design. Topics range from UX and User Centric Design, to planning, discovery, money, strategy, design, and more.

2. Join the membership, and get additional access. Free videos are helpful, but with a membership you gain access to additional resources, tools, checklists, progress tracking, and standard operating procedures which you may implement in your own business.

3. To hire me to help with your project, CLICK HERE to schedule a time to talk on the phone.


Get mentorship, processes, and support that will give you the clarity you need for launching your next web design project.

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