UX & Design Training

These video lessons are free to view during my pre-launch phase. If you support the course and join as a member, you will receive additional resources such as printable PDFs, process maps, tools, progress tracking, and priority support.

Nathan Bray

Founder / UX / Design

Hi, my name is Nathan Bray. I created this training because it can be both difficult and time consuming to launch a web design strategy. Since you are here, these are 3 ways that I can help you:

1. Watch my free training videos on user experience, planning, and strategic web design. Topics range from UX and User Centric Design, to planning, discovery, money, strategy, design, and more.

2. Join my membership, and get additional access. My free videos are helpful, but with a membership you gain access to additional resources, tools, checklists, progress tracking, and standard operating procedures which you may implement in your own business.

3. To work with me privately CLICK HERE to schedule a time to talk on the phone.