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UX is the most important design task.

This is the critical web design task

Do you want to design, build, and launch a website or a digital marketing campaign? and you are here because you have a good feeling that I can help or guide you?

Since this lesson is what I'm calling a critical web design task - then I know that you’re probably looking for some kind of cutting-edge design, or advanced development information.

While design and code are important parts of the web design and development process...

I’ve learned that there is another skill which is MUCH MORE valuable in getting results.

What I’m going to teach you is actually fundamental stuff, that will decrease your stress and chances of failure if you decide to do this for your web design projects.

I promise that building up your discipline to do this critical task will save you a lot of headaches...

I think that the fact is, most small business owners and digital entrepreneurs are NOT getting the outcomes they wanted to achieve with building a website in the first place.

If you are anything like me, this desired outcome may be to just find more time, make more money, and have the best experiences possible.

But instead we end up chasing features, or fancy designs, color schemes, or the latest trends.

And it’s very difficult and time-consuming just to find good information... let alone execute a successful strategy.

This is because, most of our attention spans are just too short.

We’re too busy.

We’re too self-centered.

And we’re all pretty clueless, but usually won’t admit it.

To top it off, technology changes really fast, and I’ve found it often leaves many of us confused with the latest options.

So, I will stop rambling now ….

The critical web design task is simply taking the time to PLAN.

Now it's kind of obvious, but planning by writing down ideas, mapping out processes, and scheduling a series events that we need to happen in the future… will drastically improve our chances of success that those events will occur.

By documenting, we have a "go by" for similar projects in the future.

It's not really rocket science, but it's effective.

And like I said, I just think many of us get caught up in fancy designs or features. I still get caught up in that same mistake if I don't pay attention and catch myself.

So, no offense to Photoshop experts or visual designers but the important part in the beginning and throughout any web design project is planning the processes and fine tuning the requirements that will result in a positive user experience, and positive outcomes for those involved in your project.

It's not the visual design, or mock-ups, or what kind of programming language you use.


It’s because planning can help save you a lot of time, headaches, and money on future design revisions, and basic user experience mistakes.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, and succeeding with your web design projects, then please stay tuned and please put it in practice!

Nathan Bray

Founder / UX / Design

Hi, my name is Nathan Bray. I know that it often seems both difficult and time consuming to make progress with a freelance career or web project. If you are open to learning more, I'd like to share with you many of the key insights I've discovered from my own experience that can provide a significant boost of positive results.

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