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Membership Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Building Your First Membership Website


Membership sites aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, they are expanding at an unprecedented rate because people are willing to pay for information that they find useful, and to communicate with other people who share their passions. In these lessons you will learn models for generating revenue; and how to set up and manage the content for your membership site.


Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 What You Will Learn In This Course
Lesson 2 Why Membership Sites are Lucrative
Lesson 3 An Explanation of the Membership Model
Lesson 4 6 Types of Membership Websites
Lesson 5 4 Membership Platform Alternatives
Lesson 6 Successful Membership Examples
Lesson 7 Summary of Steps to Get There
Lesson 8 Membership Course Resource List
Module 2 Before You Get Started
Lesson 1 Researching the Right Niche
Lesson 2 What is your promise?
Lesson 3 Developing an Exit Strategy
Lesson 4 What to Offer In Your Membership Site
Lesson 5 Attainable Content Ideas
Module 3 Pricing & Metrics
Lesson 1 Targets
Lesson 2 Pricing
Lesson 3 Payment Models
Lesson 4 Increasing the Value of Your Membership
Module 4 Build Your Membership Site
Lesson 1 Top Membership Site Platforms and Plugins
Lesson 2 Create Your Core Membership Content
Lesson 3 Domain Names and Hosting
Lesson 4 Installing Membership Site Software
Lesson 5 Configure Your Payment Gateways
Module 5 Promotion and Traffic
Lesson 1 SEO - How to get a high page rank
Lesson 2 Content Marketing Basics
Lesson 3 Social Media
Lesson 4 Finding New Routes to Market
Lesson 5 Email Marketing Basics
Lesson 6 Optimization and Member Retention
Module 6 Conclusion
Lesson 1 How to Maintain Your Membership Site
Lesson 2 Summary and Action Steps

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Nathan Bray

Hello, my name is Nathan Bray. I’m a Front-end Web Designer based in Boise, Idaho. My unique value as a front-end developer is that I'm obsessed with well thought out user experiences, and creating a complete digital strategy. With this site, I'd like to share some of my insights with you that can help improve your design thinking, and gain a higher return on your digital marketing projects.

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