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Money & Metrics: The Numbers And Mindsets Needed to Succeed As A Digital Entrepreneur


In this course, I will introduce some valuable insights about money, and how those insights affect your pricing and conversion goals. Like it or not, these projects will require cashflow and revenue goals and it's better to know what you need to produce before you start, rather than get crushed later.


Module 1 Money Introduction
Lesson 1 Money & Metrics Introduction
Lesson 2 Important Money Terms
Module 2 Personal Finance
Lesson 1 Less Time Than You Think
Lesson 3 Establish Personal Financial Goals
Lesson 4 Cheat Sheet: Personal Finance
Module 3 Digital Marketing Metrics
Lesson 1 Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
Lesson 2 Digital Marketing Metrics Worksheet
Lesson 3 Compounding Effects
Module 4 Pricing, Projections, P&L
Lesson 1 Business Metrics Examples
Lesson 2 Example Expenses for Startup
Lesson 3 Products & Services Pricing Calculator
Lesson 4 General Web Design Pricing Worksheet
Lesson 5 Small Web Agency Sales Projections
Lesson 6 Profit and Loss Worksheet Example
Lesson 7 Conversion Worksheet Example
Module 5 Money & Metrics Conclusion
Lesson 1 Tying the Money Lessons Together

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Nathan Bray

Hello, my name is Nathan Bray. I’m a Front-end Web Designer based in Boise, Idaho. My unique value as a front-end developer is that I'm obsessed with well thought out user experiences, and creating a complete digital strategy. With this site, I'd like to share some of my insights with you that can help improve your design thinking, and gain a higher return on your digital marketing projects.

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