User Centric Design 101: The Fundamentals Of Creating Websites for Real Humans


Kicking off I will introduce you to some concepts such as User Centric Design, why you should care about User Centric Design, and how you need to know that User Experience is NOT a step in your design process.

Table of Contents

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Introduction to User Centric Design
Lesson 2 What is User Centric Design?
Lesson 3 Why care about User Centric Design?
Lesson 4 Key Web Design Terms
Lesson 5 UX is not a step
Lesson 6 Goals, users, and success criteria

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Topics Covered

Nathan Bray

Hello, my name is Nathan Bray. I’m a Front-end Web Designer based in Orange County, California and love building clean and modern websites designed with conversions in mind. With this site, I'd like to share some of my insights with you that can help improve your design thinking, and gain a higher return on your digital marketing projects.

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