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How to Create An Awesome Website Without Using a High Priced Creative Advertising Agency


If you are a small business owner or digital entrepreneur, then this robust and uncommon design course is the one that your local ad agency does not want you to see. If you are a freelance designer or developer who has never been exposed to these concepts, then this course will give you a new and valuable competitive mode of thinking. From a high level, I will take you through the fundamentals of user centric design and why it is important, to uncovering all of the key details that are important to your project (or your clients' projects), so that you are able to create an effective plan and move forward with a successful strategy. I will introduce you to fundamental visual design elements and processes and resources that will enable you to create a beautiful design without needing to hold a graphic design degree. Finally we will rapidly develop your site using free and common tools and frameworks so that you can launch. If this sounds like a lot of work, that is because it is! But once you complete the lessons in this course, you will be armed with a whole new level of knowledge to use on your projects.


Module 1 Fundamentals of UX
Lesson 1 Introduction to User Centric Design
Lesson 2 What is User Centric Design?
Lesson 3 Why care about User Centric Design?
Lesson 4 Key Web Design Terms
Lesson 5 UX is not a step
Lesson 6 Goals, users, and success criteria
Module 2 Discovery Sessions
Lesson 1 Values Statement Worksheet
Lesson 2 Branding Workshop Questionnaire
Lesson 3 Website Features Checklist
Lesson 4 User Persona Workbook
Lesson 5 Managing User Persona Groups
Lesson 6 Research & Competitive Analysis
Lesson 7 How to perform a SWOT Analysis
Lesson 8 Competitive Analysis Process
Lesson 9 3 Basic Keyword Research Tools
Lesson 10 Keyword Research Overview
Lesson 11 Shift your focus to content
Module 3 Effective Web Planning
Lesson 1 Website Project Planning
Lesson 2 8 Web Design Questions You Should Ask
Lesson 3 Project Objectives Workbook
Lesson 4 Using Flow Charts in Web Design
Lesson 5 Business Growth Roadmap
Lesson 6 Why having a team is important
Lesson 7 Collaboration. Who does what?
Lesson 8 Be accountable, don't forget to have fun
Lesson 9 Eisenhower Matrix
Lesson 10 Calendar Method to Manage Capacity
Lesson 11 Should we focus on habits or outcomes?
Module 4 Define a Strategy
Lesson 1 Strategy Module Introduction
Lesson 2 Confirming your Business Objectives
Lesson 3 1 Page Web Strategy Template
Lesson 4 Requirements documentation
Lesson 5 Create a creative brief
Lesson 6 Create an asset inventory
Lesson 7 Timeline and Calendar
Lesson 8 Implementation Plan
Lesson 9 Why Good Web Strategies Fail
Module 5 Visual Design Basics
Lesson 1 Good Design vs. BAD Design
Lesson 2 Web Typography
Lesson 3 Using Icons in Web Design
Lesson 4 Designing for Different Devices
Lesson 5 Engaging your users
Lesson 6 Building Visual Sitemaps
Lesson 7 Wireframing
Lesson 8 Branding basics
Lesson 9 Website Photography Options
Module 6 Simplifying Development
Lesson 1 Rapid Prototyping
Lesson 2 Preparing Your Dev Environment
Lesson 3 Understanding Front-end Technologies
Lesson 4 Using Development Frameworks
Lesson 5 Test, test, test!
Module 7 The Launch Process
Lesson 1 Pre-Launch Phase
Lesson 2 List Building Strategy: Personal Contacts
Lesson 3 Launch Phase
Lesson 4 Re-Launch Phase
Module 8 Maintenance
Lesson 1 Why maintain your website?
Lesson 2 Daily Website Maintenance
Lesson 3 Monthly Website Maintenance
Lesson 4 Annual Website Maintenance
Lesson 5 What you need

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Nathan Bray

Hello, my name is Nathan Bray. I’m a Front-end Web Designer based in Boise, Idaho. My unique value as a front-end developer is that I'm obsessed with well thought out user experiences, and creating a complete digital strategy. With this site, I'd like to share some of my insights with you that can help improve your design thinking, and gain a higher return on your digital marketing projects.

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