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Stop reinventing the wheel! 5 websites that you can use to find pre-written code snippets.

Something that took me a while to get over when I was first learning how to design and code was this notion that I would be accused of being a fake if I didn’t know how to do everything from a blank canvas or scratch. Man, I wasted a lot of time being stuck in…

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Don’t become so passionate about your work that you forget to call your Mom or go grocery shopping.

Here’s the thing about the “bidness” world and being “passionate about your work” that the marketing fairies forget to tell you…  And that is: There’s more to life than “your life’s work”… And I’m not talking about work/life balance either because we all know that does not really exist.  I’ll just come clean and say…

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Why you need to start believing more in yourself, and stop caring about most kinds of advice.

I created this site because I believe in living a good life. And that is what I think is the secret. The first step is to actually start BELIEVING that you have the power to live a good life, and get very specific about what that means to you.  But there is a “gotcha”… sort…

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How to decide how much traffic you need for your website sales goals

You might like this quick lesson I put together on getting more traffic to your website, more specifically determining how many visitors you’ll need. For this lesson I’m going to cover some topics about setting some goals and determining how many visitors you might need in different scenarios to reach those goals. I’ll briefly describe…

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